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Smart Meter Killing Shrub  (Watch)



WiFi in Schools a Health Hazard: As wireless Internet (WiFi) in schools has been a hot topic in Canada throughout the past few years... (Watch)

WiFi in schools causes cancer... (Watch)

WiFi in schools proven dangerous... (Watch)

Cell Towers and Cancer Dr. Martin Blank Bioinitiative Report... (Watch)

EON EMF Video Digest – 9-24-2010 – Uninsurable Risks... (Watch)

"Dr. Dan" Harper on the Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation... (Watch)

Stratford Smart Meter Killing Shrub... (Watch)

The Dark Side of 'Smart' Meters. (Watch)

Why Your Technology Is (Really) Bad for Your Health... (Watch)

Electromagnetic Fields the Science on Human health Effects With Ted Litovitz Physicist and EMR Researcher Informational documentary (Watch)

Full Signal (Watch)

Wake up call from electrosmog expert Olle Johansson, Professor at the Karolinska Institute CV.  (Watch)

The National Cell Phone Disease. (Watch)

Public Exposure: DNA, Democracy and the Wireless Revolution Parts One and Two (Watch)

The San Francisco Department of Environment made an excellent presentation with the help of the Environmental Working Group and the Environmental Health Trust. (Watch)  The cell phone presentation starts 32 minutes into the video.

Sept 2 Magda Havas & Elizabeth Kelley talk follow-up. (Watch)

Electromagnetic Fields the Science on Human Health Effects.  (Read More)