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Smart Meter Killing Shrub  (Watch)


Smart Meters

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR), such as measured from so-called Smart Meters, has been associated in many scientific studies with negative health effects... (Read More)

Chief Regulatory Officer of eMeter Corporation, a software and communications provider for the utility industry, reveals the industry’s contempt and arrogance toward its customers... (Read More)

Connecticut Attorney General urges regulators to reject CL&P;'s Smart Meter plan... (Read More)

Stratford Smart Meter 1!  (Watch Video)

Sick from Smart Meters!  (Watch Video)

Smart Meter Alert!  (Watch Video)

Full Report: Independent study finds Smart Meter can violate Federal Safety Limits... (Read PDF)

Stop Smart Meters! Exclusive: interview with the Wellington Energy whistleblower.  (Read More)

TURN's take on Smart Meters. What are they? Will they save money? Will they save electricity?  (Read More)

'Smart' Meter protests spread as PG&E; officials implicated in spy scandal... (Read More)

San Francisco - A new study reports that ‘Smart’ Meters violate FCC Radiation Exposure limits. (Read More)

PG&E; sued over Smart Meters, slows down Bakersfield deployment... (Read More)

SMART METER, DUMB IDEA? Utilities are spending billions of dollars outfitting homes... (Read More)

Santa Cruz County Smart Meter Protests... (Watch)

Santa Cruz County passed an emergency one-year ordinance criminalizing the installation of PG&E;’s ‘smart’ meters, following Marin County’s emergency action last week... (Read More)

There is no opt-out for customers who do not want a SmartMeter installed, according to PG&E; spokesman Jeff Smith... (Read More)

High-tech models can transmit data wirelessly and save energy. But their cost is a cause for concern... (Read More)

Critics of the 'Smart' Meters are calling for a moratorium on the devices, for multiple reasons, including health concerns... (Read More)

Stratford Smart Meter Killing Shrub... (Watch)

The Dark Side of 'Smart' Meters. (Watch)

Why 'Smart Meters' are dangerous, and what you can do to protect your family's health. (Read More)

Fairfax begins abatement against PG&E;, even as the utility considers installing 'wired' Smart Meter...(Read More)

Questions regarding PG&E; and the Smart Meters program. (Read More)