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My Story

Two years ago, my husband and I bought a house in the southern California high desert in order to escape the microwave bombardment in the beach area of San Diego. Our previous beach residence is located at the focal point of 3 surrounding cell towers, and is surrounded by numerous wifi transmissions and military "frequency fences" on all sides. For years I was getting sicker and sicker from the accumulated EMF. I also became so sensitive to cell phones after 8 years of use, that I could no longer hold one up to my head without getting dizzy. Hopefully I have avoided developing a brain tumor.

Now I am opposing the proposed erection of a cell tower 1,100 feet away from our new home in a tiny town of 300 people at the edge of the Anza Borrego Desert State Park-- the largest state park in California.

A certain proportion of people are highly sensitive to microwave EMF, which may be due to previous EMF overload, such as cell phone use. or wifi exposure. Now, doctors are aggreeing that cell phone use is causing brain tumors. Wildlife is also at risk according to a number of scientific studies.

As you may know, President Clinton signed the Telecom Act in 1996, long before anyone knew that there may be harmful effects from cell towers. The Telecomom Act includes a small paragraph that states that no one can oppose a cell tower based on environmental (health) issues.

The original establishment of a cell tower grid was convenient for military purposes, and now telecom companies have carte blanche to do whatever they want without opposition. Although large groups of people are now fighting proposed cell towers all over America, they are not allowed to mention potential health effects to the city planning commissions who must approve these towers, or else the telecom companies threaten to sue the cities. And so all over America large groups of people are opposing cell towers based on any other reason they can find. The scientific evidence from all corners of the world is mounting geomtrically regarding the harmful effects of towers.

Also, the utility companies are now carpeting the country with "smart meters, that use wifi on phone poles to take hourly readings of utility usage. These meters are yet another bombardment of microwave emmissions and are unregulated by city planning commissions.

After months of research, I am convinced that the issue of microwave/EMF overload may well be the greatest threat this planet is currently facing. With the advent of memory intensive "smart phones", the proliferation of cell towers is increasing geometrically. And roughly half of cell phone users are under 20 years of age. The thiness of the skulls of young people makes them much more suceptible to brain tumors. And the telecom company ads these days are ruthlessly aimed at children.

In researching the harmful effects of cell towers, I have accumulated a great deal of background material which I have assembled into this website in hopes that the world be better informed regarding the effects of microwave radiation. I also believe that the U.S. government will chose to protect its citizens by reviewing unbiased biological research, repealng the Telecommunications Act , and replacing dangerous microwave technology with fiberoptics.

Sincerely, Lisa

To get involved in a bigger way please visit the Clout Now website and sign their petition.